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Join as a Partner and get a ready made business. You get a unique link, identifying your business. Using this link you will sell websites and mobile apps to clients.

For every site you sell, you earn an ongoing passive income. By adding team members under you, you build a truly solid network marketing system and earn commissions from your sales, as well as sales made by your team members.

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Payment Structure

Each partner is provided with a unique link which is provided to customers for them to sign up on. This link ensures that the correct commission is allocated to that partner. The partner earns a commission on every subscription that has been purchased using their link. This is an ongoing an uncapped commission and will be earned for every month that a subscription is active and paid up. Commissions will be paid when the commission amount has reached $100. Each partner can build a team under them by signing up other partners. For each partner in their team, the lead partner will also earn a percentage of each sale made by their team members. The following is an example of potential earning per month, based on team sales: Sales are based on a weighted average of the various plans.

Earnings Example

The exmple below is made on the following assumptions:

  • Each partner adds 10 people to their team
  • Each partner signs up 10 people onto a paid subscription
  • Plan prices is based ona weighted average of $57.00
  • Commission is at 10% for each plan


# Partners

Total Customers

Avg Price

Commission per month

0 - YOU




















We Build it For you Plans


In addition to your commission, you get a once off upfront payment of $100.

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