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  • Booking

    With this easy to use plug-in users will be able to make a variety of bookings such as a table, a time slot, a seat and many others.  After the user has been validated the form is forwarded to the correct store.

  • Appointments

    Add a complete appointment system into your app and manage services, providers and multiple stores from a central place.  Coordinate time slots, holidays, working hours for your stores and more for smooth management. (Paid feature)

  • Job

    This provides a recruitment tool from which companies can share their job vacancies. Allocated company admins will be able to post available positions and candidates can apply directly through the app.

  • Folder

    Create your own organisational  app tree with folders and sub folders comprising your pages within.  A search box can be added  to help users find content.

  • Calendar

    Keep your users up to date by creating your own custom events or sharing from you google calender or facebook page.

  • Padlock

    Have the choice to be able to partially or completely lock your app.  Chosen pages can be protected to various levels.  Chosen authorised accounts can access locked pages if you select protection through membership. QR code protection feature available too.

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  • MCommerce

    Everything you need to sell online whether you have a single or multiple stores.  Features include payment gateways, checkbox, notes, options, product and price formats and image galleries.

  • Woocommerce

    Any of the 200k+ Woocommerce shops can be incorporated natively in your applications.  Woocommerce is the leading commerce solution. (Paid feature)

  • Taxi Ride

    This feature will allow you to create and build  your own Uber like service app.  Operate one taxi or manage an unlimited fleet worldwide.  Drivers to earn money by boosting users. (Paid feature)

  • Loyalty Card

    Design your own loyalty card app adding miultiple cards and merchants with own program and listings.  Loyalty points can be redeemed by user using passcode or QR code.

  • Discount

    Increase sales using straighforward high performance discouns that can be designed for single use and date specific.  Gather user data as your coupons are redeemed. 

  • QR Coupons

    Create venues for your business or improve your newsletter opening by distributing personal QR Codes to your users. They present the code to unlock the  application rewards.

  • Catalog

    Your prices and products can be attractively displayed for users to enjoy browsing.

  • Set Meal

    Show off your menu and variety of meals.  Design cards with pictures, descriptions and prices.

  • Admob

    Monetise your app with adverts. Simply copy your advert's ID from the Admob account . Utilize interstitial full screen ads or with classical banners.

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  • Places

    This feature allows you to create a directory of businesses. You can add any useful information into your app compiling a directory of places nearby and points of interest.   Your users can filter their search for specific places using the advanced search system.  These businesses can be displayed on one map.

  • Classifieds

    Create a Craigslist-like app of your own.  This feature allows you to have a marketplace  for Classified Ads enabling your  users to publish their Classified Ads offering services and products via the app.  (Paid feature)

  • Weather

    An easy and pleasing app allowing users to search for the weather in their city and display current climate in a specific city or country by default.

  • Map

    This feature allows your users to find directions anywhere in the world guiding them with the use of the GPS on their phone, geolocating and offering appropriate routes through Google Maps.

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  • Chat

    With this feature you can offer a service where your users can chat in real-time using websockets.  Just download and upload in your Siberian to add private and public chatrooms.  (Paid feature)

  • Fanwall

    Have your own social network within your app to motivate your community to interreact with each other.  Users can comment on posts, upload pictures and geolocate other users while you watch engagemnt grow.

  • Facebook

    Allow your app to communicate with your social network pages.  Gain free traffic and downloads  by sharing your content through social networks.  Embed your network pages into your app and all your information will be gathered from one entry point.

  • Twitter

    Any Twitter account can be added to your app and displayed.  Links from tweets are clickable and information like  retweets, following and followers is available too.

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  • Audio

    Let your users be entertained with music in the background whilst browsing your app or on locked screen.  You can create a playlist from iTunes or Soundcloud, your own music or Podcasts.

  • Video

    Intergrate videos from vimeo, Youtube and Podcasts to inject a bit of multimedia into your app.  You can choose to intergrate a specific video from Vimeo or a complete channel from Youtube.

    Add a touch of multimedia within your app. Integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose from integrating a complete channel from Youtube to a specific video from Vimeo.

  • Gallery

    Liven up your app with pictures from Picasa , Instagram, and your computer and create catergories.

  • Radio

    Allow your users to listen to their preffered radio stations or create a Radio app.  Similar to the Audio app features can be in the background  whilst browsing the app or on locked screen.

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  • Inbox

    Be able to send private messages to  your users and them to be able to reply.  Messages with rich content, attachments,  videos and text direct to their inbox.

  • Push Notifications

    This feature allows you to contact and notify your users  any time or at scheduled times, dates and frequency.  Geofenced notifications  to users in specific locations.

    A Topic feature and Individual push notification module add ons (paid) allows you to communicate with a specific user or groups of interest.

  • Topics

    Offer interest lists to your users by adding various subject topics. Segment  your user base according to the lists they subscribe to. You can then use targeted push notifications based on their interests.

  • Scratch Card

    Let your users have some fun playing for rewards.  Just like a regular scratch card  where they can win or lose.  You are in control of setting the  numbers of winners, percentage of chance and the amount of games users can play.  (Paid feature)

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  • Surveys

    Collate feedback from your users by creating surveys comprising complex questions and logical triggers.  You can export your data of answers in csv files and compile consice reports with graphics and charts.  (Paid feature)

  • RSS Feed

    Drive traffic to your website by entertaining your users with information within your app offering feeds, a blog or news.  Add multiple RSS feeds from various sources as needed.  Easy by enterig the URL of the website to select from available feeds.

  • Contact

    Collate all your contact information allowing geolocation, one-touch -call, links to social pages are some of the  many features available.

  • Quiz

    Everyone loves a quiz!  Let your users enjoy some entertainment.  Give them the added option of quizzing with this module to add pleasure to your apps.

  • Form

    Create your own forms to gather leads, feedback and other specific data from your users and any other information you may want to analyse.

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  • Custom Page

    Design your own fabulous pages with rich content including text, photo galleries, address, videos, e mail buttons, click-to-call, sliders and weblinks.

  • Links

    Incorporate your mobile website, external booking system or any webpage by just posting your links to make them available through your app.  

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