6 Tips to Make Your Construction Business Website Stand Out in the Highly Competitive Market

1. Make Your Website Rich in Construction Visuals

Treat your site visitors with a rotating slideshow or gallery of images of some of your top construction projects - commercial and residential. Use high quality photographs to highlight your capabilities and uniquness as a company. Showcase a before and after of your projects or even the chronology of a project. Investing in high quality photographs will help your business look more professional which will better showcase your work to potential customers.

2. Display your Credibility

Make sure to include your business operations license and permits and insurance Information. Promote a friendly but professional vibe on your site by including legit business permit and accreditation information to be placed in a prominent location on your webpage.

Project owners invest a lot of money on every project they manage. Your reputation in the local and regional market is very valuable to them.

3. Optimise your website for Local SEO

Construction and Development is a hyper-localised business. Personalising the customer experience and optimising your site via hyper-localisation is increasingly important. Make sure to include geographically relevant keywords in your page copy and keep your location information updated for quality local search results.

4. Become the reputable source for construction industry information

Start writing construction blog posts that answer the questions that people are searching online and across social media - visitors will start finding your site. It's just as important to research what people want to read about, as it is to write informative content. Make sure that construction marketing strategy includes writing and channeling quality blog posts.

Usually, construction clients and project owners want to read about something they don't yet know enough about. In other words, they want to learn. Talk about the innovation and latest technologies in construction. Make your blog posts answer your audience's questions in more detail than anyone else online.

5. A Noticeable Section for Contracting and Subcontracting Opportunities

Having well designed and well positioned inquiry or demo forms and contact details are crucial to the success of your construction business. Make it short and specific. Visitors are more inclined to fill out forms that are straightforward and not the long tedious ones.

In addition to this, make sure to have multiple areas of contact spread out across your website. This way, you are able to gather more leads and find more people who are interested in your services. Make it noticeable but not distractive at the same time.

6. Take it from me, Client Testimonials means business in Construction.

Construction and land development are industries where customer trust and confidence are extremely important. Include all of them if possible.

For more tips on construction website design and development, please contact us here.

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Friday, 27 May 2022

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