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E-Wallet module is a digital wallet or Mobile Wallets refers to an electronic device that allows an individual to make online transactions. E-Wallet module allows you to Add money to your Wallet through options like Stripe, PayPal in the most convenient manner.



This module module allows your app users to save favourites pages inside SiberianCMS App, it creates simple button on bottom of each pages user visits and saves pages as favourites if user taps on it.


Review Pro

Review Pro module allows you to collect customer reviews for your App. It comes with a simple settings page allowing you to control how you want to gather reviews, and how you want to display them.


Property Listing

The Real Estate module lets you find the dream home, apartment, condo, real estate & open house listing.
Users can search property by area, city, developer name & more & then filters the search result using key features.



The Phonebook module allows any app user to find the contact info, social post activity and personal photos of other users who are registered in the app. In other words, an app user can find other users’ details, and easily follow and contact them.

The app user must follow the other users for getting their details.



Do you need a “remote controller” of your APP?
MIGA APP MANAGER is doing exactly this.

Our module is allowing you to manage your SIBERIAN APP directly from the Mobile Phone, without accessing the Control Panel of Siberian.



The AuthPlus module is having 2 important authentication features as explained below:

1 Age Verification
This function allows accessing your App only after User’s age verification.

2. Passcode (PIN authentication)

This function allows accessing your App only after user authenticity check through PIN



Enquiry & Request a quote has become easier!

Enquiry module allows your app users/customers/visitors to enquire about the products. They can fill up the details and mail will be sent to the admin.




The PLATFORM LICENSE allow you to sell UNLIMITED apps with this module installed.



Migareminder is a simple module that allows generating customized reminders inside your APP.


MigaFunnel v2

This module allows you to send automatic push notifications based on user actions and events. Also, the new MIGAFUNNELv2, thanks to the interface with the most popular Email Marketing systems (mailchimp, Kartra, sendingblue), allows you to import user app data into your mailing lists based on specific triggers. 



Do you want a huge and powerful phone book of potential customers? Be Smart! Ask to send an SMS to download your APP!

Yes! with this module your potential customers will send an SMS like “PIZZERIA NAPOLI” to your Twilio SMS inbound number and they will get back the link to download the APP from the stores, and at the same time the module is storing the sender name of the potential customers… ready to be used in the future for promotional contents, 100% ok with GDPR.



It is a MODULE for Siberian and a PLUGIN for Word Press. After you install both, you link them with a token and you are done.

After that, all the users that are logged/registered in your APP are automatically logged in your WORD PRESS site if you link it through our module.

The Module is simply checking if a USER with the same email of the APP exists in Word Press, and it will manage than an auto-login.



Move your data Instantly and Automatically without single line of code.Send your Siberian data to any url without writing single line of code.



Turn your app into a money generating machine!

Games module allow you to add HTML5 games in your Apps with only a few clicks using your own custom games or using our game addon!
5 FREE games included with this module.



Are you looking for reliable statistics for your APP?
Do you want to know how many users are installing and uninstalling your APP?
Are you curious to discover the Delivery Rate and the Open Rate of the Push Notifications? (And maybe surprise your customers with 5x up to 10x performances than an email?


Advanced Translations

Note: This module requires Siberian 4.16.5 to work.

With this module you will be able to add any missing translation in your Siberian & all the Modules

After the installation, you can access the module from Settings > Translations > Advanced

From here, you can add strings (words, sentences or expressions) into your translations files.


Bible Search

ntegrate Bible with Search inside Siberian App

This is simple module which allows you to set just font color, language versions and integrate Bible search widget from Bible.org.


Full Search

Full Search is Siberian CMS module which adds search bar on home screen or internal pages of the App and allows user to search across all the features via same common search bar.



Note: Siberian version 4.18.4 is required.

Let drivers register through your app (or not)

The app offers two registration processes, one for drivers and one for users.

Once accepted a driver can go online or offline.

If online, the driver is warned by a notification that a passenger has requested a ride.



The module supports translations, you can also change the name of the module however you want

With this feature, it is possible to buy pre-paid coupons packages for any type of service, offered at a promotional price (for example: 10 dinners with a standard price of 200 euros, at a discounted price of 150 euros).

The payment is possible with Paypal & Cash, a new version will be released soon with more payment supported.


SMS Gateway

The SMS Gateway Siberian CMS module will easily allow you extend the capabilities of your Siberian CMS platform by adding SMS functionalities. The SMS Gateway module will allow you to send SMS messages directly from the Siberian editor. This means that you can send personalized bulk SMS messages or individual SMS messages to your list of contacts. 


Miga Message

Many times the relationship with our customers is a bit difficult, with a complex platform like the Siberian one, it’s very easy to have misunderstandings.
From our experience is a good habit to recap always what we told the customer in a single place.
This would cancel future discussions, wasting time, as a written summary is very different from remembering things verbally.


Image Gallery

The Image Gallery Siberian CMS module is an image gallery that can be added to any App. The user will be able to take a picture or upload his own photos, access other user’s photos to the gallery and can share with friends. The default sharing mechanism on iOS and Android is used on this module so that users can invite friends with their regular messaging apps, Facebook, etc.


Satispay Payment

Satispay is an electronic money wallet very active in Italy.

Satispay is a very good opportunity to acquire new customers within the thousand of hundreds of merchants, restaurants, pubs etc that already using this platform.

To discover how is the presence of Satispay in your city/country just download the iPhone and Android App and look on associated merchants.


Miga Birth Day

MIGA BIRTHDAY  is a simple module that allows managing automatically the BIRTHDAY notifications.

Migabirthday license is a yearly subscription
You will get within 1 working day from the purchase a LICENSE CODE, sent by email, to activate your module in the ADMIN backoffice >> Manage >> Modules section.


Invite a Friend

The Invite-a-friend Siberian CMS module is a Uber style invite a friend mechanism, that will allow App users to refer friends and get points (or not depend on editor setting ) for it. The module will generate a user referral code that will be redeemed by the invited friend on the App. 


Easy Appointments Premium

The EasyAppointments PREMIUM monthly subscription extends the power of the EasyAppointments BASE module (this subscription require the base module to work).  


Push Notification Sender

Push Notification Sender is a plugin that helps you to send Push notification from any WordPress website using SiberianCMS API.

To discover how is the presence of Satispay in your city/country just download the iPhone and Android App and look on associated merchants.


Social Media Post

**This module is the perfect one to keep your customer with in your panel. Because by using this module they can post into their social media fan pages so they don’t need to go out from your siberian panel.



Group Notification

This simple module allows app admin to create user groups for notification.


Push Notification Sender

Push Notification Sender is a plugin that helps you to send Push notification from any website using SiberianCMS API.



Q&A Sharing Forum

The Q&A Siberian CMS module is forum like feature based on Quora. It allows users to ask questions to the community and help other users by replying to queries. Tags can be defined to classify different topics so that the searches are more easily performed.


User Style

You can customize user-style.css file of Editor & Back-office using User-Styler Module.

By using User-Styler Module you can customize Login Screen Background Color/Image, Element’s Padding, Margin, Height, Width, Text-Properties, Font-Family/Size/Style, Editor Colors like element’s Background Color, Text Color, Border Color, Link Color etc…



Miga iframe & EAN / QR Scanner

Embed Web with Back Button,App Home Screen Button,EAN/QR Ccode  Scanner & parsing the data by GET (query string) to the web.


Miga Tags

The module supports translations, you can also change the name of the module however you want. Available on www.migamodules.com

MIGA TAGS is a small module that allows managing for each APP the following tags:

  • ICON

Virtual Loyalty Card

The Virtual Loyalty Card is a module that allows to SCAN and STORE one PHYSICAL LOYALTY CARD inside the APP. The user can simply open the APP, go inside the Module Virtual Loyalty Card and the cashier will scan the BAR code showed on the screen.


Multi Language Training Videos

Our great new module will help you manage your YouTube Channel Videos.

  • Multilanguage settings and categories
  • Autodetect customer language settings
  • Easy to use back office configuration panel.


Create complex form with ease.

data entries saved into database

Sent data by email

Export to CSV or JSON

11 field types

Redirect to a soecific feature after.


Device Preview

This module saves you time and makes it easier to create beautiful preview screenshots for your website, leaflets or APP publication section.

You can see the preview of your app in many different resolutions, horizontally and vertically.


Social Auth

Social Authentication module allows your users to sign up or login on your Siberian Platform Edition using their existing social networking account such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. It is developed to simplify logins for end-users.


User Import/Export

The User Import/Export Siberian CMS module will you to import an existing database of users, creating user accounts and generating a welcome email. The module currently supports the import of two file formats: csv and xlsx. This module will also allow you to export your application’s users.



The Club Card Siberian CMS module will allow you to launch an airline style membership club card. This module will help you work long-term customer loyalty and should be used together with the Progressive Loyalty module which was created to focus on short-term loyalty. 


Training Videos

Videos are the easiest way to train your users about the features or platform.

Training Videos Module shows a link on side menu and when clicked shows all the videos from your youtube channel.


App Icon Maker

We all know how difficult and time consuming it is to create unique and good looking icons and startup images.

If we don’t have unique images our App has good chances of getting rejected from App stores.

This module is going to change this.

Now you or your clients can make unique and professional icons in a few clicks without any technical knowledge.



The SmartAds Siberian CMS module will display targeted full screen in-app ads to your app users.  The uses for this module are quite varied. For example, when publishing a new App version users don’t always update it from the stores and the new features will not work.  With this module you can force users to update to the latest release by providing a link to the App store and preventing them from continuing. 



Integrate MailChimp with your app in just a few clicks & Turn your app into a powerful marketing machine.


Progressive loyalty

The Progressive Loyalty Siberian CMS module will allow you to launch a loyalty program and reward your customers as they buy from you. By giving customers smaller rewards from the first points they accumulate, you make your customers more loyal. No need to wait until the card is completed to reward your customers!



Invite your users to leave a review on the store from your App.

Module redirects your users directly to the store ready to leave a review

  • customizable presentation with richtext and image
  • work with Google Play and App Store
  • integrable directly within Invite Login Layout


scManager is an app for siberianCMS owners that will help them to manage their platform easily from mobile app!


Awesome Forms

Awesome Forms Module allows admin to create any customized Form which is easily searchable, sortable, editable from Mobile App. Optionally supports Pie chart report.

App users or team members who have access to mobile app can add/edit any data and can see their own progress report.


Website Builder

This module allows App admin to easily create any web content for desktop visitors using our awesome drag and drop website builder module.



Classifieds is the perfect tool to launch a local classified ads marketplace. With this feature, your users will be able to post classified ads on your apps just like they would have done on Craigslist. Just create the marketplace and they will publish ads with photos, description, price, contact information… All this directly from your app!



Allow them to receive donation through the most user friendly payment gateway of the moment: Stripe (Also supporting 2Checkout, and Paypal).


Easy Appointments

The EasyAppointments module is a powerful native Siberian CMS module that allows App owners to take appointments using the App or through widget on a website. This module is linked to the Progressive Loyalty Card and loyalty points can be accumulated automatically on any different type of services. 



Create easily your own quizzes, and add as many as you want into your apps.


Custom Profile

Custom Profile is a powerful module for Siberian CMS  that allows you to profile users by using custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, Multiline text, radio, checkbox, email, date etc


Woocommerce Native

In a few minutes build a complete mobile store application by integrating any Woocommerce solution.


Padlock Pro

This module allows app owners to lock pages or group of pages based on different user roles.

Integrated with Custom Profile Moduleallow users to select Role on Signup


iOS Auto-publish

No need to get a Mac to compile your iOS apps! From your backoffice, you just have to click on the button “Generate and Publish” to get your app sent to our build server which will compile it and send it to the Apple developer account of your choice.



You can create a survey model and then choose to publish it. This way, you don’t have to start from scratch each time you want to publish a new survey to your users.


Scratch Card

Add a card the user can scratch and then win rewards. You can add this feature several times in your app to offer several games.


RealTime Chat

Create public chatrooms and let your users create their own private chatrooms and chat with each others.


Stripe for Multi-App or Single-App Editions

It adds credit cards payment option in the Mcommerce feature. This way the users will be able to pay by credit card from their mobile from the Mcommerce feature.


Stripe module for Platform Edition

This new payment gateway will be available in your Platform Edition to allow payments by credit card directly on your platform.
It adds credit cards payment options in the Mcommerce feature also. 


Inbox - Private Rich Messages

Send private messages with specific content to users, individually. They receive your direct messages in their app inbox, and they can answer to it.
You can add videos, images, and attachments to your messages.


Individual Push Notifications

Imagine selecting users individually or by group, and send a specific push notification. That’s what you will be able to do with this module.
This also works for In-App Messages.


Your own Previewer App

With this module you will be able to create an app for your company with a magic feature. This magic feature will allow your users to preview on their phone the apps they are creating, or that you create for them, on your Siberian.




The complete feature to sell online, from a single store to a chain of stores. Image galleries, product and price formats, options, checkbox, notes, payment gateways...everything you need for selling your products is in your users' hands.


Integrate any Woocommerce shop natively in your applications. Add an awesome store in your apps with Woocommerce, the leading commerce solution, and offer a mobile application to the 200k+ stores that use Woocommerce! (Paid feature)

Taxi Ride

The feature to create your own taxi app. From managing one taxi to an unlimited worldwide fleet company you can now build your own taxi app to allow users to book a ride and drivers to earn money in driving users. If you want to create your own Uber-Like service, this feature is for you! (Paid feature)

Loyalty Card

Create your very own loyalty program. In one app, you can add as many loyalty cards as needed, that allows you to get a merchant listing, for example, with each merchant having its own program. The user can get his points redeemed by password or QR code. It's up to you.


Get the store sales rolling with simple, high-performance discounts. Collect users data when your coupons are redeemed. Configure them to be used only once and/or available until a specific date.

QR Coupons

Create venues to your business or improve your newsletter opening by distributing your own QR Codes to your users. They flash the code and they unlock the rewards in your application.


All your products and prices at users’ fingertips. Display your list of products in a beautiful listing available in the palm of your users' hand.

Set Meal

A nice and appealing way to display your menus. Create cards with photos, prices and descriptions.


Monetize your app with ads. Just copy your ads ID from your Admob account and choose how to monetize your app: through interstitial full screen ads or with classical banners.



If you need to create a directory of businesses, this feature is for you!
Add useful information in your mobile app with a directory of nearby places and points of interest. The businesses can be displayed all in one map. The advanced search system also allows your users to filter and search for the specific place they are looking for.


Launch your own Craigslist-like app. With this feature, you can now add a local Classified Ads marketplace for your users to offer products and services through your app. Set up your marketplace and let the users publish classified ads as they would have done on Craigslist. (Paid feature)


A simple and pleasant feature for your users. Let them look for the weather in their city and by default display the current weather in a specific country or city.


Let your users find their path from anywhere in the world to the location you want. A feature which will guide them through the GPS of their phone. It geolocates and offer the appropriate path though Google Maps.



If you want to offer a complete chat solution to let your users chat in real time that's the feature you need! Yes completely real-time by using websockets. Download and upload it in your Siberian and add a complete Chat in your apps with public and private chatrooms! (Paid feature)


Animate your community with a social network within your app! Users can send posts and photos, geolocate other users' photos and comment their posts. You can lean back and see your user engagement growing by its own!


Make your application and social network pages communicate with each other. Get your content shared through social networks and provide you additional free traffic and downloads. Embed your social network pages in your app to gather all your information in one entry point.


Add any Twitter account to your application and display all tweets within your app. The links from the tweets are clickable. The info like following/followers and retweets are also available.



Add a music player to entertain your app users! Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files, and let the music play. Users can share and buy tracks from the store. Of course music can be played in background while the users keep browsing the app or lock their phone screen.


Add a touch of multimedia within your app. Integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose from integrating a complete channel from Youtube to a specific video from Vimeo.


Highlight your app with attractive photo galleries. Create categories, import photos from your computer, Picasa or Instagram!


Create a Radio app or just let your users listen to their favorite radios, it's up to you. And just like for the Audio feature users can keep browsing the app or even lock their phone and listen to the radio in background!



Need to send private messages with rich content and attachments to specific users? That's the feature you are looking for. Choose the user(s) you want to inform and they will get your private message with videos, text, images and attachments right in their Inbox feature. And, of course, they can answer you. (Paid feature)

Push Notifications

Contact your users whenever you want and whenever the need arises. It’s unlimited. Schedule your notifications to be sent on specific dates and times. Send a geofenced notification to your clients based on their location. Thanks to the Topic feature and the Individual push notification module (paid one), you can communicate also to groups of interest and to a specific user. Push are also used natively in different features to send accurate alerts when required.


Create topics to offer some lists of interests and get your users base segmented on which lists they want to subscribe to. This way, send specific notifications and messages.

Scratch Card

Add some entertainment in your app! Make your users play and get rewards. Like in real life they just have to scratch to discover if they have won or lost. You can set the number or winners, the percentage of chance to win, the games to be played once or multiple times. To sum-up, everything you need to bring some fun in your apps. (Paid feature)



Collect feedbacks from users to anything you want. Create complete surveys with complex questions and logical triggers. Export data and users answers in csv files, and build beautiful reports with charts and graphics. (Paid feature)

RSS Feed

A blog or news feeds that you’d like to feature? Feeds can become part of your application. Entertain your users with info directly within your app, and drive traffic to your website. You can add as many RSS feeds from as many sources needed. You don't know the link to the feed? No worries, you just have to enter the URL of the website to choose from all its available feeds.


The page to gather all your contact info. Allow one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many Quiz apps available on the app stores? Because it's fun! And your users want a bit of fun too, don't they? Bring it to them with our new Quiz module and they will enjoy your apps for sure. (Paid feature)


Want to get some specific data from your users? Build your own forms to get leads, feedbacks and many other things you can get from a form.


Custom Page

Want to create great pages with rich content? Now you can! Create a page with all the content you need: text, photo galleries, videos, address, sliders, click-to-call and email buttons, weblinks. Order all your sections the way you want to create beautiful pag


Want to create great pages with rich content? Now you can! Create a page with all the content you need: text, photo galleries, videos, address, sliders, click-to-call and email buttons, weblinks. Order all your sections the way you want to create beautiful pages.

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