Whats's on the drawing board

Exciting new development is under way, with a range of new products and enhancements to existing ones.

  • Brand New UI

    We are building a brand new UI with a new modern look. All the tools will be fully integrated from the web editor itself. Improvement include:

    - All the tools in one place. 

    - A better inline editor.

    - Draggable element positioning and sizing.

    and much more

    Have a look here for a sneak preview 

    Work has begun
  • New Templates

    New templates are being built and will be added to our list continuously. Keep checking back for new ones

  • Social Media Scheduling

    Write posts for your social media networks, and schedule them to be posted when you want. Set a date, tie, and frequency of your posts, then sit back and relax.

    It will come free with every standard website subscription!

    December, 2021
  • Drag n Drop Marketing Planner

    Create your marketing plan with Drag'n Drop ease. Set up your marketing campaigns and schedule them to run automatically.

    January 2022
  • A/B Testing

    Create multiple pages, and then run A/B testing to find out which one performs the best. Even create A/B testing on individual elements on a single page.

    Take your customer success to the next level.

    January 2022
  • Incredible Graphs

    We will be updating and enhancing our graphing tools to give you unprecedented graphing options. Fully customizable and  flexible


    January 2022
  • Project Manager for Professionals

    Manage every aspect of your projects with our enhanced project manager platform. Display Gannt charts of your timeline, add tasks to Kanban boards, keep track of bugs, change requests and more. Fully customisable for any size project.

    February 2022
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