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Create responsive Websites, Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android, and powerful Marketing Funnels from a single platform.
Discover the only platform that gives you complete freedom to turn your business idea into a reality.

The Best Website Builder

Design, manage and create your website


Take advantage of over 1.9 Billion digital buyers online. About 25% of the worlds population is shopping online. Are you ready for it?

Design and create your own professional website. Easily build, manage and develop your online web presence with the freedom to create a stunning website, complete with aimations, video, special effects and more.

Promote your business online - add e-commerce and sell services, products, digital downloads and memberships.
Follow your clients in the built in CRM, keep track of your orders and sale.

Do it all with the Appzoola Website Builder

Create a native Mobile App

Build a truly native mobile app

Mobile App

Easily build a truly native Mobile App. Published for you onto the Apple Store and Google Play

Don't just settle for "responsive"!

Appzoola enables you to create a native mobile app.

So, just what is a native app?

A Native app is one that is built using the specific coding language for your phone, making them fast, powerful and able to take full advantage of the features of the phone. Native apps are published on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Create Sales Funnels

Convert Visitors into Customers

Sales Funnels

Convert your visitors into Paying Customers with our built in Funnel Maker. Make a magnetic landing page, and use the inbullt A/B testing to get it just right.
Why build a Sales Funnel?
Guide your visitors through a step-by step process to purchase your pdocut. Ensure tehey stay focused on what you are offering and don't lose their way.Focus their attention on one specific product and close that sale.

Now you can create your powerful sales funnels from within the Appoola Website builder. Complete with A/B testing, Upsells, DownSells and more.

Appzoola really is the one platform that has it all.

The all-in-one platform to build your online presence

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Featured Plans

Build your Website, App and Funnel like a Pro.
Create a website, app and funnel. 30 days free. No Credit Card

Build your own native Mobile App with built in e-Commerce

Create a native Mobile App for only $24.99 per month

The most powerful App Builder to create your iOS and Android App. Give your audience an incredible experience.

Create your own professional Website & Sales Funnel

Build a stunning website for $23.99 per month

Make your own stunning website and sales funnel. Capture leads and turn them into customers on your built in online store.

Grow your online Business with an
all-in-one solution.

A unique website solution built for you.

We will build you a powerful industry specific website with amazing features. Drop us an email with your requirements and we will work out the best solution for you. For a low monthly subscription, you can have a professional website and online presence.


Plan and book
Create an amazing website for your concert or gig

An amazing interactive Website. Draw your concert layout, and enable your customers to choose their own seat and book online.
Make your site come to life with stunning graphics and clickable seating plans.


No more empty reservations
Best restaurant and booking template design

Keep your restaurant fully booked with our unique website design. Draw your restaurant layout, and enable your customers to choose their favourite seat and book online.


Book your events Online
Best event booking template for website

Create your event booking website. Anything from Wedding planners to corporate events and more.
Design the layout for your clients and wow them with a professional website and online booking solution.


Learning Management System
Best LMS template for website

Operate your own LMS - offer courses, classes, videos, quizzes and more. 

Car Rentals

Rent online
Best car rental template for website

Fully fledged online car rental system to manage your bookings and your fleets


Transport Booking
Best taxi template for website

Manage your fleet of taxis and let customer book online.


Empower your Business
Best booking and scheduling template for website

A powerful and simple cloud based appointment scheduling software to run any business. Includes power rostering, accounting and inventory management

Medical 3D

Visual medicine
Best medical template for website

Provide your patients with the ability to select the body part that requires attention from a 3D graphical interface. Book appointments and speed up diagnosis & treatment


Is it easy to build a website?

Absolutely. Our Drag and Drop builder makes building a website a breeze. You can choose to start with a ready made template that works best for you. Or you can start from scratch and simply drag and drop the widgets you need to build your site using the Appzoola Editor. Whichever way you choose, you can have a website up in a matter of hours, with no coding experience required.

Do I need to be a programmer

Absolutely not. The editor is user friendly and you can build a stunning professional website in no time at all with zero programming knowledge. Of course if you do want to delve a bit deeper, our editor gives you the freedom to add advanced functionality, custom code and CSS styling.

A Native Mobile App? really?

Yes. The Appzoola Mobile App Builder generates Native code which is then compiled and published on Google Play and Apple Store.

Dont worry, we do that part for you. 

Ok, so a Mobile App is hard to build, right?

Ha! Not with Appzoola. Just like the Website Builder, our Mobile App Builder is just as easy to use.  Simple Drag and Drop lets you build a genuine Mobile App in no time at all.


Mobile Apps are expensive!

Yes they are.

But not with Appzoola. Build a Standalone App for only $24.99 on an annual subscription or $24.99 monthly. And if you get it in combination with a Website, you pay even less. 

We have the most affordable plan for a genuine mobile app on the Planet.

Can I use my own Domain?

Of Course. Inside the Website Builder you can set your own domain name to your website. Did we tell you that we host the website for free?

How do I create a Landing Page

With Appzoola, you can build a Sales Funnel landing page just like any other website. And whats more, it has incrediblly powerful features like A/B testing!

Scrap expensive tools like ClickFunnels - Now you can get it all at a fraction of the price.

What about SEO

Appzoola websites have sections dedicated to SEO allowing you to maximise your presence online and get noticed by Google and other search engines.

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