8 Amazing Christmas Web Design Templates


Christmas season is fast-approaching and if you haven't set up your website / landing page for your holiday treats and promos this should be the right time to plan and build one.We have compiled 8 stunning easy-to-publish, responsive and social media ready web templates to help you prepare for your marketing campaign this Yuleti...

1. Christmas Time Landing Page

This template is very relaxing to the eye. This high-impact one page landing page is divided into seven sections: the banner, the special Christmas offers, Shop now, countdown to special events, All The Best Things You Wanted To Know About Our Special Event, Customer Reviews and of course pricing for all the Major Christmas events. 

The soft pink and black colors, and the fancy fonts, blend well with the photo filters. Adding an element or two that evoke a holiday emotion can do just the trick.


2. Christmas Discount Landing Page

Nothing conveys better the feeling of Christmas than light falling snow. Probably the most preferred website decoration for the holidays, your digital snowfall should be nice, pleasing and unobtrusive to your visitors.



3. Christmas Sale Landing Page

This product page for Christmas looks so good, I bet it could sell a lot presents in BER months. From the photo of a Christmas Village with snow, clothing and ornaments, you are sure to spread holiday joy with this template.


4. Jingle Bells Landing Page

This page would really give you a very soothing Christmas vibe. This page is specially designed to promote your amazing holiday discounts. The vibrant red color blends well with the selection of fonts and photos that creates a great Christmas Spirit.


5. Christmas Countdown Landing Page

There are no words to describe the real excitement waiting for Christmas day! This Holly Jolly Christmas countdown page will truly excite your audience toward the holiday season. This comes along with free stunning photos of Christmas lights, Christmas tree, gifts packed with an animated snow that would give you a great vibe as you scroll down to the bottom of the page.


6. Classic Christmas Even Landing Page

The Classsic Shofiyable template are best for all the minimalism lovers. Its clean and fresh design will not distract a potential purchaser with colorful elements. It will help you to convert more visitors into buyers. Likewise, your shop will be easily adapted to any gadget with any screen.


7. Black - Red Amazing Christmas Deal Landing Page

The options here are absolutely limitless. You could go for a pool of nice Christmas gifts, irresistible candies and lollipops, Christmas ornaments on the middle, or why not something more unique like a cup of steaming hot cocoa to convey a sense of coziness

8. Hot Christmas Deals Landing Page

This template will make your customer's holiday shopping as easy as a pie. Doubtless, beautiful color palette coupled with Christmas illustrations will attract customers and make them want to come back.

Please remember that all these design templates are fully customisable. You can change colors, fonts and upload photos and videos that would suit your marketing goals. You can also a social media section to any of these templates. You can add a link to your Official Facebook Page, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram and more. 

Happy Christmas, Happy Designing, and a very Happy New Year from us all at Appzoola.

If you have any questions, you can email us at info@appzoola.com.