Why Every Freelancer Should Have Their Own Website


Indeed, having an active profile on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr or other various freelance platforms is great for your career and can be truly profitable. But in the long run, the market will be tighter, and you will find it challenging to maintain your profiles across those different platforms. You will be need an independent and stable platform wh...

It allows you to instantly showcase your expertise.

Clients can only see a glimpse of your work in your freelancer profiles. They are never quite certain of the quality of work they will receive from you. If you have your own website, however, it can act as a ready portfolio where you can showcase your best work to potential clients, who can then immediately have a clearer and deeper view of what you can offer.

Whether you are a freelance designer, blogger, author, or a coder, a website that displays your work is the best way to persuade clients who are on the fence about hiring you.

It allows you to display client testimonials

Testimonials and social proof go a long way in building trust and credibility with your target audience.

Clients naturally trust each other more than they trust just marketing collateral, so that testimonial adds more weight to the decision they're trying to make. Those initial happy clients, therefore, encourage more people to hire you. The more testimonials you havein your website, the more your visitors will assume that you must be a trustworthy company.

It broadens your reach through social media

Without a question, social media is very important in the crowded world of freelancing. If you have a website, you can promote your services using popular social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram at no cost or minimal cost. This will build a stronger customer base as people are more likely to trust service providers with large social media followings. It also gives the chance to run ads on social sites to increase awareness about and promote your business.

Generate more income – in addition to freelancing

Owning a website can open up various other lines of income. Most of this is based around maintaining a blog that helps your readers, building a community and then potentially monetising your blog. Once you've got your own quality website there's an endless stream of opportunities to start making money!

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